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View weekly running goals:

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We are so glad you have decided to run with us. We’ll spend the next several weeks training and building endurance to run a 5K road race, and we’ll be sure to have a lot of fun along the way!


In order to achieve your personal bests, it is important that you train and exercise at home too. Check back here each week and we'll tell you what you should be doing.


  • You will receive 1 running goal each week. Try to reach the goal 3 times that week.

  • Each practice will count for one of your weekly runs.

*If you also play a running sport (like soccer or lacrosse), a practice or game in that sport can count for 1 of your runs that week.*

  • Start each run with a warm up.

  • End each run with stretches.

  • Add power exercises on your off days if you really want to build strength!

  • Log everything you do into your training log to track your progress.

The most important thing for you to do is HAVE FUN!  We’re here to help, so if you have questions just ask.

Happy running!

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