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Whether you want to be a head coach in an expansion town, or an assistant coach in one of our existing programs, we want to hear from you!

The goal of every MPower practice is to make each of our athletes feel like they worked hard, improved, and (most importantly) had fun. Our training program allows us to challenge each level of runner in different ways. Celebrating EVERY runner’s personal best, no matter what that is, is how we motivate and inspire each and every child to work hard for themselves. It is incumbent upon the coaches to show these runners that they are stronger than they think - whether that means running faster than they ever have or running longer without stopping. Our goal is to create a fun, safe, and non-competitive environment that allows each runner to reach their full potential.

Above all else, the #1 goal of our coaches should be that each child want to come back again next time!

Head coach and assistant coaching positions available.


MPower Youth Sports will provide the following to our head coaches:

  • In-person preseason program training.

  • Detailed practice curriculum including a written step-by-step guide for each weekly practice.

  • All materials and supplies required for the season.

  • Online trackers to chart your participants’ progress throughout the program.

  • Email templates for all weekly parent emails.


Contact us for more information about coaching expectations, time requirements, and compensation.

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