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MPower Youth Sports is dedicated to spreading a lifelong love of running and fitness to boys and girls. Whether it's for the sheer joy of running, to improve endurance or speed for another sport, or just to try something new, our goal is to build confidence, celebrate personal bests, and HAVE FUN!

We started out as a boys running group in 2015 when one of our sons expressed a sincere interest in running. At the time, the running programs in the area were limited to girls only. So we created a new one for boys, and invited all of Peter's friends to join us. That first group was pretty small, but we've grown steadily since then. Over the years we've expanded to new towns and opened our program up to girls as well. We created the MPower Youth Running Festival, an annnual kids-only 5K, in 2020 and we train hundreds of boys and girls to run a 5K every year.

In recent years, we have expanded our offerings to Track & Field and Speed Training. Regardless of the distance or speed of our programs, we place a heavy emphasis on personal bests and sportsmanship. Nothing beats watching kids cheer each other on and witnessing the pride a child feels when they break their own previous record.

Youth Running
Track & Field
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Speed Training
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