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"Thank you for the wonderful experience for the boys. My husband and I think it was one of the best things T did this year.  The practices were fun and you imparted a lot of useful information.  The camaraderie among the boys was great.  T is crazy about his coaches.  And the race day was an important accomplishment for all.  I loved seeing the Girls in Stride at the race, too- they were obviously having a similarly happy and meaningful experience.  Thank you so much for creating a stand-out youth development program."

"Your idea to bring a running program to boys is so incredibly valuable. As a family we have learned a lot about our strengths this season- running had a lot to do with it. My boys may not be the fastest, or the most agile, but they loved running and that was all that mattered. This is the first sport they have loved, and we are so grateful for that!


You also need to know that Mpower Running gave the kids who don't have a place on competitive team sports- a place to excel and to enjoy sports again. It was fun, interactive and let both the natural athletes and the not so natural ones compete on an even playing field. It was simply awesome watching them week after week."

I can't rave enough about how wonderful the coaches were. What an empowering and amazing program for my son!

This program was wonderful! I tell all the other parents that I meet about this program! The coaches were amazing. In short, it was a positive and empowering experience for my son!

Krissy and Rich are amazing coaches. Many of my son's positive sporting accomplishments (Aha moments) / experiences have been with them. Amazing attitude to sports!!

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