MPower Cheer

For Elementary and Middle School Boys - Ages 6-14


Finishing a 5K is an impressive achievement at any age. Imagine the sense of accomplishment and pride your son will feel when he crosses the finish line of his first 5K. MPower Boys Running will prepare him to do just that.

Modeled after popular Couch-to-5K plans, MPower’s training program is designed for all levels of runners: from very beginners to experienced racers. We will concentrate on proper form and pacing while we build endurance over the weeks through a combination of running drills, games and core strength exercises. If your son loves to run, wants to build endurance for other sports, or just wants to try something new, register soon!


We will be running our programs this Spring, but they will look a bit different. Please understand that we will do everything we can to balance fun with the need for safety.  

  • Participants must wear masks when arriving to and departing from practices. Masks can be removed during practice. We will have a designated place to store your masks and water bottles during practice.

  • We will minimize or eliminate the use of shared equipment.

  • Games will be modified to eliminate physical contact between runners.

  • Programs will be limited in size to allow more space between runners.

  • Runners will be encouraged to maintain appropriate social distance throughout practice.

  • We may split into two different running groups and/or use staggered starting locations to reduce congestion on the running path.

  • Parents may be allowed to run with their child if they are concerned about their child's safety or their ability to comply with social distancing rules.

  • We will rely on parent volunteers to assist with counting laps and keeping kids safe so that the kids can focus on having fun!

  • There will be no indoor practices. We will run outside in light rain. In the event of severe weather, practice may be canceled. We will make every effort to makeup canceled practices.

  • There is a high likelihood that the goal race will be canceled. If that happens, we will make every effort to replace the race with another fun group activity or race.

  • We are confident that we can offer and fun and dynamic program despite these changes. We do need everyone's cooperation to make this happen!


Avon, CT
Thursdays | 4/22/21 - 6/3/21 | 5:00-6:00pm  
@ Roaring Brook School Multi-Purpose Field                  
Farmington, CT
Tuesdays | 4/20/21 - 6/1/21 | 6:00-7:00pm
@ Irving Robbins Middle School Athletic Fields
*Registration Activity Code:  221410
West Hartford, CT
Wenesdays | 4/21/21 - 6/2/21 | 5:00-6:00pm
@ Fernridge Park
*Registration Activity Code:  411422A, Keyword: MPower
Don't see your town? We are expanding!
We are currently exploring expansion options for Fall 2021.

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