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Cardio-vascular endurance is the foundation for so many sports. MPower™ Running focuses on building endurance and confidence for boys and girls ages 6–14. We also emphasize essentials like proper form, breathing and pacing. Modeled after “Couch–to–5k” programs, our program is for kids of all athletic abilities. Learn More!



MPower’s Speed Training Program is designed to build speed and agility. Through correct training and education, boys and girls will realize greater confidence, physical fitness and athletic potential. The goal of this program is to uncover, nurture and hone existing skills and endless potential. Both experienced athletes and novices alike will benefit. Learn More!

        TRACK & FIELD

Open to boys and girls, this program is a great introduction to Track & Field. Events include: sprints, hurdles, relays, long jump, high jump, shot put and more. Running, jumping and throwing are fundamental skills for young athletes. Our program can help strengthen those skills for other sports and might just spark a new interest in the sport of Track & Field. Learn More!

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