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Krissy Mok

Krissy Mok is a co-founder of MPower Youth Sports and a coach for the boys running program. She has also coached girls running for Girls in Stride in Farmington. She is an RRCA Certified Running Coach.


When one of her sons expressed an interest in running at the age of 6, she looked for a local running program for kids. She discovered that there are girls’ running programs all over the country, but nothing dedicated to boys. An avid runner herself, Krissy designed a training plan for her son and they started practicing together a few times a week. He completed his first 5K on his 7th birthday. Seeing his excitement as he crossed the finish line made her wonder if there were other young boys who would enjoy running for sport. So in 2015, she launched the inaugural season of MPower Boys Running and has since helped coach hundreds of boys to the finish line of their first 5K.


Krissy ran cross country and played softball in high school, and went on to play softball at the NCAA Division I level. Krissy still runs several road races of varying distances each year. She has completed 10 marathons to date, including three Boston Marathons. Krissy is also a full-time residential and commercial real estate agent with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services in West Hartford, CT.


Krissy lives in Farmington with her husband, Rich, and their three sons.


Sports Krissy tried as a kid: Softball, Cross Country, Basketball, Indoor Track, Soccer, Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, Golf

Sports she wishes she tried: Rock climbing, Soccer (for more than 1 season)

Sports she plays now: Running, Water Skiing, anything her kids are playing


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Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller has helped develop and coach our boys running program since its inception. He has also coached the No Boundaries 5K program with Fleet Feet Sports in West Hartford and is a guide runner for The Hospital for Special Care's Adaptive Sports Program. He is an RRCA Certified Running Coach.


Andrew was inspired to coach by all of the great coaches he had over the years. They taught him what it takes to stay motivated, support your teamates, and how important it is to set goals. Andrew wants to support the athletes he coaches to get stronger, to work together, and to use a variety of sports skills to achieve their own goals.


Andrew has been running consistently since the 7th grade, and has run track races and road races of many distances. He has completed 7 marathons, and he is planning another in September. He hopes to qualify for the Boston Marathon and plans to eventually run a marathon in every state.

Andrew lives in Farmington with his wife Jenna, and their daughter. He works as a physical therapist for Select Physical Therapy in West Hartford.


Sports Andrew tried as a kid: Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Track

Sports he wishes he tried: Volleyball, Tennis

Sports he plays now: Running, Biking, Golf, Raquetball, Squash


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Rich Mok

Rich Mok is a co-founder of MPower Youth Sports and coaches boys lacrosse in Farmington at both the youth and high school levels.


Participation in sports (let alone pursuing athletic excellence) wasn’t really encouraged in Rich’s household when he was a kid… which made him want to play sports all the more! After playing mostly soccer as a youngster, Rich eventually picked up lacrosse with his high school club team and went on to both play and coach at the NCAA Division I level, and he has even had the good fortune to play internationally with the Hong Kong and Thailand national lacrosse teams.


Now as a youth coach and father, Rich is inspired by stories and successes of the many multi-sport athletes he has come across. He now seeks ways to proactively teach the on– and off–field benefits of playing multiple sports for future generations.


Rich lives in Farmington, CT with his wife and their three boys.


Sports Rich tried as a kid: Soccer, Lacrosse, Track, Wrestling, Skiing, Tag!

Sports he wishes he tried: Hockey, Basketball

Sports he plays now: Lacrosse, Soccer, Skiing, Golf

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We are so thankful to have to steadfast assistance of so many assistant coaches. Our current assistants include:

  • Tracee Farkas

  • Mike Fournier

  • Kitty Horrigan

  • Rich Kraszewski

  • And MANY high school cross country mentors

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