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Introducing Our At-Home Workout Series

To print your baseline test, click here.


We're not going to let a little social distancing keep us from getting stronger!

The coaches at MPower Youth Sports are so disappointed to miss the Spring season of running and track. But even though we're social distancing, we'd still like to offer a little coaching and guidance.

There is so much you can do at home to help you prepare for your next sports season. From April 20 - June 5, 2020 we'll be offering a series of at-home workouts which will help strengthen your core and improve your balance. These are crucial for improving your speed, agility and power for any sport you do.

Be sure to take the baseline test before you get started, that will help you see how much you improve over the weeks. We will release new workouts on our YouTube channel every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Be sure to like and subscribe to our channel to receive notifications of new workouts the moment they become available.

Stay well and stay strong!

-Coach Krissy and Coach Andrew

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