Sarah's Training

Hartford Half Marathon | October 14, 2017

PHASE 1 | Test your paces

This phase is four weeks long. The goal of Phase 1 is to determine the ideal paces for your key workouts. Since your mileage is already more than sufficient to train for a half marathon, and you've expressed a desire to get faster, we need to focus on pacing. Phase 2 of your training plan will incorporate several different types of workouts - all meant to build both speed and endurance. You will have prescribed paces for each of these workouts. The only way to determine what these paces should be is to establish your race paces. You should try to run a 5K road race in week 2 of this phase. Week 4 culminates with a timed run/simulated 10K.

While your schedule outlines that you should be running Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, your actual running days can be flexible. Do whatever fits into your schedule. You may add in cross training and strength training as you see fit, but be sure to rest COMPLETELY at least one day each week.